Cordyceps Fohow Oral Liquid, of which the formula is updated by Mr. Tang Youzhi, Honorary President of China TCM Research Academy who is named as “Modern Archiater”, based on the “Royal Formula” together with application of modern molecular engineering and the biological science and technologies as well as low-temperature technology, vacuum concentration technology and the patented cell disruption technology to provide the oral Cordyceps Sinensis with more obvious and reliable efficacy, making it able to regulate your organisms. The incorporation of multiple functions enables this product to be the best combination of traditional theories on life cultivation and modern technologies.

The Oral Ganoderma Lueidum-Cordyceps Liquid is capable of enhancing the immunity of cells, promoting the growth of leukocytes, increasing the volume of immunoglobulin, inducing the generation of interferon, activating the activity of natural killer cells and increasing the weight of immune organs such as the thymus glands, the spleen and the liver so as to enhance the resistance of human body to all kinds of diseases. It is particularly applicable to patients who are difficult to recover from diseases, people who are weak and in ill health and those who have low resistance to diseases.

1. Capability to Prevent and Fight against Cancers

(1) The Mechanism of Fohow Oral Liquid in Cancer Suppression: ① Able to activate the effector cells, enhance the ability of organs to kill tumors and to relive the tumors, induce the synthesis and excretion of cell factors and protect the normal cells; ② Able to suppress the generation of immunosuppressive factors which can cause the tumor cells, repair and enhance the sensitivity of organs to the cancer effect and strengthen the effect capacity of the organism and speed the division growth of the marrow cells and improve the blood-producing function. ③Ganodenic acid is able to kill the tumor cells.

(2) Anti-cancer Effect of Fohow Oral Liquid: ① Able to strengthen the effect of medical treatment; ② Able to create the opportunities for medical treatment; ② Able to prevent the spread of tumor; ④ Able to reduce the toxic and side effects: the toxic and side effects can be lowered down after radiotherapy and chemotherapy; ⑤ Able to sharpen your appetite and improve your sleeping quality.

2. Able to relieve the respiratory diseases: Fohow Oral Liquid is able to relive the pain in the nonstriated muscle and the cough, having an obvious effect on relief of cough, expulsion of phlegm, elimination of diminishment of inflammation, prevention of infection and enhancement of the ill-resistance of the respiratory system. It has also obvious effects to cure some lung diseases such as chronic bronchitis and bronchial asthma.

3. Able to protect the liver: Fohow Oral Liquid has the functions to protect and detoxify the liver and is able to promote the metabolism of the liver against drugs and toxin, protect the structure of liver cells, adjust the synthesis of protein, enhance the reproduction capacity of the liver and effectively improve the liver functions.

4. Prevention and Treatment of Cardio-cerebral Diseases: Fohow Oral Liquid has two-way actions on the blood pressure, which is able to diastole the coronary artery, expand the capillary vessels, improve the microcirculation, purify the blood, lower down the content of cholesterol and medium-sized fat in the blood, prevent and dissolve the thrombus in the blood vessels, promote the blood circulation and has the protective function in case of acute myocardial ischemia.

5. Able to prevent and treat diabetes: The content of sugar in Fohow Oral Liquid is quite low so that it can speed the metabolism of the dextrose so as to lower down the content of blood sugar, increase the viscosity of the plasma insulin and support the treatment of some diseases caused by the diabetes such as coronary heart disease and the hypertension.

6. Fohow Oral Liquid is able to adjust the central nervous, enhance the sleeping quality and the climacteric syndrome. This product is also used to smoothen the nervous, calm down your mind, relive the pain and help to recover from the soreness and weakness of waist and knees, insomnia and forgetfulness, dizziness and tiredness, impotence and spermatorrhea

7. Fohow Oral Liquid is able to relive fatigue, disintoxicate the wine and rehabilitate the drug addiction, accelerate the recovery from fatigue and effectively prevent the over-labor damages.

Application of Fohow Oral Liquid

Heart Diseases: Rheumatic Myocarditis, Myocardial Infarction, Arrhythmia

Lung Diseases: Phthisis, Emphysema, Asthma, pneumonia, chronic bronchitis.

Nephropathy: Nephritis, Bleeding from Renal Tubule, Uremia and Diabetes

Liver Diseases: Acute/Chronic Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and Hepatocirrhosis

Encephalopathy: Cerebral Apoplexy, Encephalanalosis, Cerebrovascular hardending.

Blood Diseases: Hypertension/Hypotension, Hyperlipoidemia and Congenital Anemia.

Able to Restrain the Growth of Cancer Cells: Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma, Lung Cancer, Carcinoma Ventriculi, Liver Cancer, Lymphoma, Leukemia. This product will be more effective if used together with the chemotherapy.

Diseases caused by Disorder of Immune System: Prone to cold, hyper susceptibility and stomatitis.

Symptoms Caused by High Pressure: Fatigue, Tiredness, Languishment, Neurasthenic, Dreaminess and Anorexia.

Formula: Aweto 70%, Dried Mushroom 15%, Ganoderma Lucidum 10%, Honey 2%, Common Macrocarpium Fruit, Rossica, Rhizoma Polygonati Odorati, Radix Ophiopogonis

【Storage】To be stored at a cool and dry place. If it can’t be taken completely once, it is a must to store it in a refrigerator.

【Administering Method】For adjuvant treatment, the concentrated type must be used. According to the conditions. For mild patients, take 1-2 bottles per day, and for serious patients, take 2-4 bottles per day. For patients suffering diabetes, uremia or tumor or receiving radiotherapy and chemotherapy, take 4-6 bottles per day. The best time for administering this product is in the morning or in the evening without food; For healthcare purpose, concentrated or healthcare type can be used. According to your physical conditions, take one bottle at a interval of several days or take 2 bottles per day.

【Administering Period】For weak persons, 5 to 10 days as one period of treatment; For specially weak persons, 10 to 20 days as one period of treatment; For seriously-ill patients, 30 days as one period of treatment. When any period of treatment is completed, stop taking this products for three days and then continue the next period.

Magic Cordyceps

The cordyceps is a kind of compound of worm and fungus formed in the larva of the hepialidae. In winter, the larva sleeps in the earth and In summer, the fungus seat will come out from the head of the larva, just like a kind of grass, so it is called as cordyceps. As the conditions for birth of a cordyceps is very particular, such cordyceps can only grow in the Tibetan Plateau which is of low temperature and lack of oxygen without any out fungus.

People began to use the cordyceps as a kind of drug from Qing Dynasty. New Chinese Herbal Plants, a famous TCM book, reads that it can prevent our lung, benefit our kidney and stop bleeding and relive coughing. The Supplement to Chinese Herbal Plant, another famous TCM book, reads that the cordyceps can enter your lung and kidney to prevent many diseases and help you recover from weakness, and it can also help recover from tiredness and prevent the premature ejaculation. So, we can conclude that it can cure all kinds of weakness and damages.

The Modern Practical TCM say that it can cure phthisis, weakness, chronic coughing, haematemesis, night sweat, spontaneous perspiration, and is also applicable to anaemia, weakness, impotence, spermatorrhea, cold intolerance and more snivel and tears.

As the resources are rare and it is difficult to collect, the cordyceps is always enjoyed by the royalties and officials. Especially from 1980’s, the US medical circle separated a number of unique substances from the cordyceps such as cordycepin, cordycepic acid, cordycepic polysaccharide, nucleic substances and several macromolecular peptide substances etc, among which there are some substances can strengthen our immune system, enhance the our capacity to fight against virus, tumors and age. Therefore, the price of the cordyceps is very high.

Fohow Oral Liquid—Essence of Cordyceps

During the drying and storage processes, the active substances in the cordyceps will be dehydrated and become ineffective. Even though the cordyceps is a genius one, the active substances will be seriously damaged during the traditional steaming and boiling process. As the cell wall of the cordyceps is hard, the effective ingredients are difficult to come out, so many of active ingredients is thrown away as the residue or discharged by us due to the inability to be absorbed.

Fohow Oral Cordyceps Liquid is made and processed with high technologies. The cell breaking technology can make the active ingredients come out from the cell, and the low-temperature concentration technology can protect the active substances from being damaged under the low temperature. As the product is for oral purpose, it is easily absorbed, which is 10 times than the traditional one.

Fohow Oral Liquid is rich in cordycepic polysaccharide, cordycepin and cordycepic acid, so it has high ranking in fighting against the aging, fatigue, lack of oxygen and oxidation.

Fohow Oral Liquid is true of high-tech biological products. Comparing with the traditional decocting method, it can provide you with valuable effects. This comes from the unique production workmanship and know-how developed by Zhuhai Huofenghuang Chemical Necessities Co., Ltd.

As for Fohow Oral Liquid, what effect will occur if taking one box?

We recommend that the patients should take 15 days as one period of treatment and it is better to take for two periods. If you have any question on our products, you can start from one box.

1. Anti-fatigue: It is very easy to become tired when driving, playing Majiang and work overnight. Drinking one bottle of this product will help you recover from fatigue. This product is also applicable to athletes who have too much exercise every day.

2. Improve Sleeping Quality: the ganoderma lucidum can smoothen our nerves, so it can improve our sleeping quality if we have it before sleeping. Particularly, Fohow Oral Liquid can have double-way action by balancing our organism not dependent on hormone or caffeine or sleeping ingredients. Meanwhile, Fohow Oral Liquid has also double-way action on blood pressure and blood sugar.

3. Resistance to Cold: At the beginning of a cold, taking two bottles of this product can get rid of the cold.

Wine Detoxification: before drinking wine, take one or two bottles, you can drink more. If taking it after drinking wine, it can help you relieve the headache,

5. Relief of Coughing and Asthma: If you keep coughing after catching cold or suffers trachetitis and bronchtitis, please take two bottles per days in the morning and the in the evening respectively. You will see what happens after taking one box (for continuous use). For children who keep coughing, take one bottle per day, half in the morning and another half in the evening.

What is the difference between Fohow Oral Liquid and other cordyceps liquid produced by others?

Firstly, the formula is different. Fohow’s formula is provided by Professor Tang Youzhi, which has been verified by time and many people, and is recognized as the best thing by the governmental heads and the world champions

Secondly, the materials used are different. Every material must be subject to our strict selection and pass our inspections. The cordyceps contained in Fohow Orial Liquid comes from Qinghai Province because Qinghai is the best place for the cordyceps. We alsl impose strict requirement for the time of collection. We only collect cordyceps in May at the end of spring. We store the cordyceps collected in a low-temperature conditions so as to keep its activity. In addition, we always use the best material to make products although it is high, but it can satisfy our requirements and ensure the quality. In addition to the cordyceps, we add some peculiar things such as the ganoderma lucidum, dried mushroom, ginseng and astragalus root. We have developed strict requirements for the place of origin and the product quality.

Thirdly, the technologies used are different. We have adopted low-temperature extraction technology, cell-wall breaking technology and hypo-nano high-pressure filming technology. These technologies have ensured our product quality, enabling our products to be in the leading position in the market. The so-called low-temperature extraction technology is that we extract the active ingredients in a low-temperature environment so that the active ingredients will not loose their activity. The cell wall breaking technology is used to break the cell walls of the cordyceps to make the active ingredients inside the cordyceps flow out so that our body can absorb such ingredients easily. The hypo-nano high-pressure filming technology is developed by us, which is used in Fohow Oral Liquid, enabling our product not be oxidized and providing us with high activity and easier to be stored. With this technology, the liquid will not become black. We use the hypo-nano technology to obtain the high-viscosity collagen protein from the deep-sea fishes. This kind of collagen protein can be used for filming the cordyceps liquid under the high-pressure and low-temperature conditions so that the thin film will be formed to protect the product from being oxidized. The experiments show that this technology can increase the resistance to oxidization by 80%. Comparing with the products of same kind, Fohow Oral Liquid contains more active substances and is more stable and obvious to human being.

Fourthly, Fohow cares about the details and keep improving. We focus on every detail in the production process. You can see our attention on every link to the quality. The bottles used are specific for us, which are 3mm higher than the common one, so that we can provide our customer more benefits. On the other hand, we can avoid the counterfeit. As we know, the common bottles can only contain 28ml in stead of 30ml, but our bottle can really contain 30ml. As we have to spend more on the molds of the bottle, the cost for counterfeit will be higher so that some small manufacturers will stop the infringement. Our sucker is also different. Our sucker is longer and harder, so it is expensive. What will you benefit from such suckers? It can be easily inserted in the bottles. Our package is also different. In one word, we just want to use the best materials to make the best products.

The details is the reflection of the responsibility sense of an enterprise. Only the responsible company can make the best and the biggest company. Fohow has such responsibility, who would like to operate Fohow’s business with care and the spirit of continual improvement. This is also the spirit of Fohow.

Treating through Nourishing and Matching Treating with Nourishing

It has been proved by modern medicine that aweto can play a significant role in the activation and proliferation of T cells, NK cells, mononuclear macrophages and other immune cells. Secretion of various lymphocytes can also be promoted with the activity of NK cells being increased by 1.5 times, mononuclear macrophages being increased by 73%, phagocytic index being increased by 130% and acid phosphatase’s activity being increased by 78%.

Aweto agents can help the body in which 40 percent of leukocytes had been impaired recover to normal condition within seven days rapidly, thus it is believed that aweto agents have a very good performance in increasing leukocytes.

Aweto has a positive effect on hematopoietic system which can significantly promote the proliferation of progenitor cells of bone marrow macrophages as well as erythroid progenitor cells and hematopoietic stem cells. With aweto in body, cytoplasmic structure in the platelet becomes richer and its organelle and platelet dense system becoming more developed with the number increasing significantly.

Proliferation and differentiation of hematopoietic cells have much to do with immune competent cells which originate from bone marrow hematopoietic stem cells. Aweto can both enhance immunity and promote haematopoiesis process, forming a cause and effect relationship between each other. This is mentioned as the origin generated in the process of benefiting and nourishing the vitality in Chinese traditional medicine theory.

There has been no miracle drugs for many diseases we modern human beings face to such as cancers, hepatitis, leukemia and so on which can be only inhibit through enhancing immune function of the body. In other words, the “nourishing” is the only viable way to “cure” these diseases which has the same meaning with curing and only through the nourishing way can those diseases be cured.

The thought that aweto can be only used as a tonic has been far behind the times. Now aweto has become an increasingly important therapeutic drug.

The Largest Applicable Scope of Aweto

It is believed in Chinese traditional medicine that renal deficiency is the source of all kinds of deficiencies. Aweto, as a kind of kidney-nourishing drugs has a function of curing all kinds of deficiencies and losses. Its scientific explanation not only lies in the above-mentioned functions of promoting and activating hematopoietic role and immune functions of human body, but also has a lot to do with the kidney-nourishing function. It has been demonstrated by modern science that aweto plays a precise role in repairing pathological glomerular which exacts an effect on the treatment of acute and chronic nephrotoxical renal failure as well as uremia. Improvement of renal function is of great importance in the resumption of excretory system and in so-called excretion of vivotoxin in Chinese medicine. Here, excretion of vivotoxin and benefiting and nourishing the vitality has complemented each other which makes the applicable scope of aweto beyond compare fundamentally.

A large number of clinical data has proven that aweto has a significant preventive and therapeutic effect in aspect of respiratory diseases such as tuberculosis, asthma, emphysema, senile chronic bronchitis, a variety of kidney diseases, cardiovascular diseases such as arrhythmia, hypertension, heart disease, hyperlipemia, various types of thrombosis and so on, hematopoietic system diseases such as low hemoglobin, low platelets, leukopenia and leukocytes damages caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy in patients with tumors, nervous system diseases such as insomnia, neurasthenia, fatigue, and acute and chronic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis and a variety of tumors.

In particular, when the above-mentioned diseases complicate with each other, for example, hepatic or renal diseases complicated by cardiopulmonary diseases, or pulmonary tuberculosis complicated by hepatitis are common in clinical practice, especially for elderly patients, and the inherent toxin in present western drugs would increase body burden on heart, kidney, lung and other organ which makes it hard to take all things into account. While aweto agents here are often able to play its unique compatible therapeutic role. It is also irreplaceable by other drugs.

Two-ways Regulation of Fohow Oral Solution

Two-ways regulation refers to that when different people or the same people in different states encounter to the same kind of stimulation or drug, the hyper- or hypo-function can be resumed to normal conditions through body self-regulatory mechanisms. For example, a patient with hypertension and a patient with hypotension would both regain their normal blood pressure gradually through their different inner regulatory mechanisms after taking Fohow oral solution respectively and such is the two-ways regulation of Fohow oral solution.

Is there any difference between Fohow oral solution taken by athletes and the prevailing products?

We can answer you with certainty that there is no least difference. The company always regards “promote longevity culture and benefit human health” as its mission and pursue in high, precise and top technology as well as the stable and exceptional quality. Playing tricks on the quality of products is tantamount to digging grave for the brand, so we have not, do not and definitely would not do such a stupid thing forever. Fohow oral solution is the wise crystallization of experts and scholars’ for which the proportion of various raw materials are combined through scientific demonstration without any slightest randomness. All the processes of the automatic production flow from cell-wall-crashing to packaging and shaping are completed under computer’s tracking, testing, assaying and monitoring without any existing differences.

How would pregnant woman take Fohow oral solution?

It is advised that pregnant women take Fohow oral solution since seven months of pregnancy. Too early administration of the solution would lead to very large fetus which is not preferable for labor. Taking four bottles a week after seven months of pregnancy can make the baby sturdy and easy to feed with well-developed muscle structure and immune system. Three bottles a day since six days before laboring would significantly benefit the laboring as is manifested in two aspects: firstly, the delivery process becomes easier; secondly, post-natal breast milk would be adequate and of good quality which may raise the baby’s immunity.

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