Fruit Paste Meigui


Rose blossom extract, oligosaccharides, stachiosis, etc. No sugar.

Packaging contains:

A tube of 120 g.

Expiration date:

18 months from the production date.

Storing conditions:

In a dry and cool place.

Corporation “Fohow” has carried out a research and prepare for production fruit paste “Meigui” (the original name – rose oligosaccharides). Oligosaccharides – are the new sugars, which influence the healthcare of the organism. The product has a pleasant taste and an obvious effect; it is used for the healthcare purposes. It is possible to include in your diet instead of sugar. It is possible to use regularly. It is an affordable and indispensable healthcare product for elderly people and children.

The most typical representative of the useful human micro flora is bifid bacteria, which carry out role of micro biological regulation: stimulate the absorption of food in the intestine, strengthen the immunity, have a preventive effect, slow down the growth of pathogenic micro flora and decay bacteria in the intestine, etc.

Many studies have shown that the using live good micro flora, there are no conditions for it to establish the colonies on the walls of the digestive tract, but allows them to survive there for a short time. Therefore, it has been a special food for bifid bacteria – bifid factor invented. This is the kind of food that human body does not separate or digest. Therefore after use it goes directly into the gastrointestinal tract. It specifically promotes the growth and activity of bifid bacteria and reduces the amount pathogenic micro flora in the gut.

Main components of Fruit Pasta “Meigui”

Stachiosis – belong to hardly digestive sugars. Taken with meal, it goes directly into the gastrointestinal tract and feeds bifid bacteria and other useful micro flora.

Oligoksilosis – activates beneficial intestinal micro flora, improves intestine habits, and makes it possible to maintain a soft stool consistency.

Oligosaccharides – activates the beneficial intestinal micro flora; protects function of the liver, reduces cholesterol levels in the blood; prevents colon cancer; boosts vitamins production in the body.

Main effect of the product

Active use of fruit paste “Meigui” in case of dysbacteriosis (dysbiosis), there will be increase in the amount of intestinal micro flora, human digestive tract will be stabilized and strengthened, digestible juice secretion adjusted, digestion promoted, diarrhea relieved.

It also increases immunity, reduces body aging, have a cosmetic effect. Acting in accordance with the principal “outside affects the inside”, it can dissolve the pigment spots by stimulating melanin degradation and metabolism, allow people to have healthy supple and white skin. It is used for depletion and slag removal from the body, and for weight reduction as well. In addition, pasta eliminates the unpleasant odor of sweat and breath.


Fruit pasta “Meigui” is suitable for all groups of people without limits. It is used half hour before meal from one teaspoon to one tablespoon. It can be sucked, spread on bread or dissolved in tea.

The recommended time is at least 7-14 days.

Pasta “Meigui” may be used for a long time.